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I'm Daniella from NY. I have received a gift of a pen Omas americo Vespucci in 1996. It is a very nice fountain pen but I have never used it, I wanted to sell it but no had no idea of its value.  I have found on that the value of my pen was $ 900 !! No I would never think about it ! I have sold my pen on eBay . For a collector pass of $ 19  I have largely recover my expense. 
My youngest son would like to continue my collection of pens that I have started it 20 years ago and I want my other children to know the current value of this heritage. enabled me a few clicks to know the value of my collection updated.
Mike, chicago
I am a pens dealer and I buy and sell every week. has become the essential tool for me in my job and I am always connected with the database. it avoid me fastidious hours of research and can make decision straight away.
Steve, connecticut
Je suis un amateur (débutant) dans ce monde merveilleux, et votre site m'aide beaucoup. Merci pour tout ce travail.
Didier, Bruxelles, Belgium