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Good to know is a database  dedicated  of those who gravitate in the world of pens 
Our database provides a clear, fast, and updated informations about pens of your choice.
We already hear some gnashing of teeth on the making such informations public especially when it comes to talk about prices.. We would just talk the pertinent analysis of  the artprice company ”  that exists since 1987 and has today 23 million customers worldwide and whose success is absolutely undeniable. 
Artprice says " the informations about arts were confined 20 years ago in the hands of very few informed people familiar with the market . Of course, these same informed people were not sharing any informations for two main reasons ,first considering that will open the market to competition, and second that was not desirable that sellers individuals were informed of the value of their objects. These methods and practices had the effect of confining buyers and sellers in a very closed world sealed to the public foul transparency  and accessibility “.
The world of internet has completely changed all, including mentality with as a result  the democratization of the informations and open of  knowledge to the public . Today, find on the web and get an idea of a price  of a Montblanc Prince Regent or a blue Waterman Edson is within the reach of the first novice. 
This question  often comes up "  is the information on updated prices  is reliable for buying or selling ? "
This information is the reflection of an average for recent transactions . It should serve you a basis for discussion and negotiation .Also, a lot of criteria will affect the final price  which are the condition of the pens, box /papers or not , pens purchase or sale by batch and quantities , hurry vendors or buyers , how you pay or get paid, the offer and demand, etc. .... 
In the same way , you should know if you sell to a middleman or dealer  you cannot expect to sell at the prices  listed in our database .Also, note if you want to sell through auction houses like  Bonhams  , Swann Galleries , Artcurial and others, you must know that results published are often "premium included " it means  to say the net price paid by the buyer.
In general, count at least  30% less and you will get the amount  returned to  the seller.
Anyway, at the end of the day, one way or an other, less you pay as buyer and more you sell as seller is the goal of the negociation !
In addition, we are working on smartphone apps  m2bpens . In a close future, no question where you are, at the pen show, in a store, or simply at home, as buyer or sellers mb2pens will be with you.
The m2bpens team