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You seem collaborative also with brands , could they involved in your evaluations?

 Independence is the back bone of our activity, the M2Bpens is a website 100% private capital, it never benefited from sponsor or no subsidy. Brands that can possibly appear in banners are in no way involved in the results of our work of evaluation. The results and evaluations are fully the result of our work.

I subscribed the M2Bpens, is that means a contract or an obligation of results? 

Absolutely not, The evaluations are given on the basis of our research and does not constitute a contract between the subscriber and our site. They reflect the transactions for series and limited edition pens.

I have not found the model reached in your database, then I expect a compensation ? 

Unfortunately not, the absence of certain references or photos or assessments which may be lacking in some brands do not qualify a refund or compensation of any kind. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to let us know the description of the model, if we have it we will be pleased to give you the appropriate response.