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methodology and synthesis of informations

To estimate the value of a limited series it should overlap a number of information sources should be varied in order to make the synthesis, the most sources are :


  •  The specialized retailers and traders / auction house sales/ deals between collectors/ the brands /auctions houses/ auctions website/ classified website/forums on line/ pen clubs/ pen shows and exhibitions. We believe in our syntheses NET transactions paid by buyers, that is to say premium included for auctions and VAT included for European sales .
  • Then, we shake all these precious information into our "shaker" to get the closest value of the reality. Note that we currently focus on fountain pens, nevertheless you will see in some cases prices of roller balls and ball pens when sold in sets.
  • Updating of the values : We keep constantly informed of market prices. Nevertheless, for an overall synthesis using several sources and we make updates two times per year. We do not make changes, for example as a result of an event or an auction because it did not necessarily reflect a value as reliable as a global synthesis.
  • Special cases: Some models or versions cannot be evaluate because of unknown and identifiable transaction, in this case we indicate the retail price when launched
  • currency : We use the U.S. dollar for the values. However, the values "Marketed at" may vary by country depending on duties, customs tax, currency exchange and European VAT rate.
  • Artist and custom pens : By definition, the customs and artist pens are rare and often unique, it is almost impossible to find sales values reliable and durable. In this section, we illustrated information about the artist  and the price we could find and corresponding to previous sales or if not the original listed prices.
  • Exeptionnal pens : We consider as exeptionnal pens when the value when lauched was $10.000 or more. In this section and due of rarity and noticeable transaction we indicate the retail price when launched
  • Should I expect same money if buyer is a middleman or dealer or auction house ? Of course not, values indicated in this website show the observed prices paid in transactions C2C consumer to consumer , to be clear these prices are the full end user prices . When you deal C2B consumer to business, consider middleman must have a margin that should cover the warranty,investment, advertising, taxes, and  his profit. Do not overlook these professionals because they have the advantage to be capable to buy the whole collection of your pens, one time = one deal = one payment ! Do it by yourself could be an option, but you have to have right connexions in in all cases it will take you time and money.