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The calculation basis

Prior to put one price front of each pens we have define a " tender specifications" whose bases are the following : 


  • The price indicated is corresponding to the pen in perfect working condition 
  • The pen is 100% original, it didn t have any change or neither repaired (the customs and dressed pens are not considered as defects) 
  • The pen has its original box with all booklets and certificates that accompanied the pens when purchased and all in good condition 
  • The pen has not been inked or if it was there it was properly cleaned and does not have signs of use notoriously visible 
  • The pen have no dings or scratches, color is shiny with no discoloration
  • The oxidation of precious metals such as silver and others are not considered as a defect as long as it could be polished with a special soft cloth
  • the pens which have some special magic numbers or matching numbers benefit of an extra value of 10% or more
  • The geographical incidence may also be important. Some series or limited editions pens have been produced only for a geographic area. This case is noticed on our website
  • Under valuation on prices**
  • No boxes or papers / booklets / certificates (note the invoice is not considered as "papers") , in which case the undervalue goes between 15% and 25% 
  • The pen shows signs of notorious use (slight dings, scratches ) undervalue in this case goes between 20% and 40%
  • The pen is broken or not complete ( The spare parts are often unavailable ) undervalue in this case goes between 65% and 85%

** Please note that undervaluation are not necessarily aditionnable