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How it all started

For most of us the paternity of the limited edition pens started with  PARKER , the “ 75 “ pen  RMS Queen Elizabeth of 5000 pens in 1976, the Spanish treasure, the apollo 11, or even Prince Charles and Lady Diana wedding.
However with no doubt in the opinion of all  Montblanc created  the world of the  limited edition pens as we know it  today
In 1992, Monblanc launches a limited edition of 4810 fountain pens (and a ballpoint pen),the pen  is inspired to a safety pens faceted  produced by the firm at the beginning of the 20 century . it s called Lorenzo Medeci and costs a huge sum for the time of $ 1,800.00
 An amount normally reserve for pens dressed " by jeweler " or “ private custom “ orders and  not sold at the pen stores. 
The success is huge; the 4810 fountain pens are sold in a few weeks through their network of dealers. Follow the Hemingway pen also going to  a huge success. Dozens of limited editions will follow further divided into two series, writers pens tribute  in significant quantities  and patrons of arts  has 4810 pens and then came the 888 series featured  precious metal  solid gold or platinum then the ultimate series of ultra-private limited edition for  lucky and rich enough customers.
Rightly, Montblanc remains to this day the reference brand name  on this market.  Resale values of their limited series are still very strong and “piano, piano “increase.
 To acquire a FP Lorenzo de Medici mint box and papers you should today disburse nearly $ 8,000 ! Who complains about the original price of $1800.00…..nobody of course!  More than 5 times the cost plus the pleasure to have it, which banker could offer you that benefit! But do not smile too much , the Lorenzo of Montblanc is one of the great example, and all pens didn’t follow the same way.
Nevertheless, at the initiative of the Italian producers always so creative and pragmatic such as Visconti, Delta, Omas, Montergrappa,stipula  and many others a huge quantity of  series or limited editions pens  came bloom this market. Everyone has  in memory the fantastic pens like the dragon of Montegrappa,  the Jerusalem of Omas, Visconti with the Taj Mahal, etc, etc ...and the boxes ! what  huge boxes ! pyramid for the luxor pen big where you could store 2 pairs of shoes. … Italians understood  better than others that packaging is important. . German makers are more discreet and they adopted the stategy “ the pen first, box  second”
20 years after the Lorenzo de Medici,  nearly 100 brands have produced more than 4000 limited editions pens or series.
Paradoxically, two big brands  owned by the American Rubbermaid , Parker and Waterman which have the greatest history  of legendary pens  whose vintage  pens reaching new heights at auctions  have never followed the largely profitable wind of the series or the limited editions pens.