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here is for sale an absolutely stunning collection of TIBALDI vintage. It will probably happens once of a time on EBAY. Tibaldi is one of the rarest italian vintage pens to find due to the size of the company, Tibaldi were formerly in Firenze - Italy founded by Guiseppe Tibaldi in 1916 These pens are extremly rare. The pens are total of 11 they are in mint condition, we can say 9/10 , no crack or repairs on those pens.all 100% originals Filling system are lever filling system for two of them ( the green and the black, see pictures ) The modello 60 has a twist filler system, the 2 others push button filler system Then,comes 6 safety black pen, 2 have a clip, 4 do not have clip ( not missing, it is as it should be) Imprints on all pens are crisp,perfectly lisible and deep engraved. Nibs are of course all originals, bears the Tibaldi name and all allmarks as it should. Strawberry on cake, those pen are alls into the book, I mean not the same pens BUT THOSE PENS the autor used those pens to write the book "A Story of Fountain Pens and Men " that provides a history of this Florentine company and written by Laeticia Jacopini. The brown marble with the 3 caps band is the one of the cover of the book. The green is also fabulous and it is says that it could be a prototype as it is the only one example known. What else to say... talking about money... if you consider mathematically to devide 18k by the numbers 11 pens, it comes around 1600$/ ea. Well, for sure too much for a safety small size, but much too less for the green prototype, so it is an average. But consider the rarity of this pen collection and have in mind how much time and money it will take you to buy those pens one by one... 10 years, more ? a life maybe...or probably never. I am always open for an offer but be realistic, I will not go bargain on that, never.

  Price : 18500 US$
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  Quantity : 11 item(s)

  Paiement method : Wire Transfer

  Carrier : FEDEX

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